One-year-old helps get ready for Disney Side Party

While the girls and I were preparing for the party, Jake decorates the house the way a one-year-old would. Thanks Jake.






Cakes for the party

MU cake

MU cake

Mike cake
Mike cake

 We made two Monster’s University inspired cakes for our birthday party.  My daughter, Rachel, was the artiste in-residence who decorated the cakes. Had I done them they would have been stick figures.  Can you make a stick figure “M” or Mike?  I don’t know, but I would have given it my best effort.

Words with Friends

How many people have used crap or poop for their word?  How many people use those words with their children?  I have been known to use the “s word as well.

Nutrigrain Bars

imageIs it sad that the only way I think a nutrigrain bar would taste good is with a layer of cream cheese frosting? And I want to try it?

Phrases that sound funny out of context

Yesterday, I said this to my daughter,”Rachel show Johnny the pile of poop.”


Why does my almost one year old see the broom as a challenge to his manhood?


For those of you who do not know what it is to bi-locate, it means to be in two places at one time. Several Catholic Saints have had the ability to bi-locate, most notably Saint Pio. I am working on my ability to bi-locate as a Catholic mom of six kids, because it would be a very helpful ability to have. Nothing has happened yet. What would be more miraculous than merely just being able to bi-locate, is to bi-locate with my suburban. Think of the hope I wold give not just Catholic moms but moms everywhere. My second self could be hired out to pick up kids from after-school activities. What do your think?

Disney Moms’ Panel 2013

Every year for the past four years, I have applied to the Disney Moms Panel.  Last year, I got to round 2.  So, very exciting.  My life is a bit hectic with 5 children and one on the way.  Actually, this year the moms/dads/relatives who make it will find out on November 12 if they have made it on to the moms panel.  That’s two days after my due date.  I hope the baby comes first.  I am now 8 months pregnant and in what I call “Whale Status”.   (I had a dream about a month ago that the baby was born on October 20th that would be 37 weeks.  Dear Lord, Let it be so!)  So, training weekend (Dec 7-11) might be a little difficult with a newborn baby.

My fat face

Why is it when you gain weight all the wrinkles in your face go away?  Is it possible to  have a thin body and a fat face?

Off to College

We have spent the last two weeks packing my oldest child’s bags for college.  He is going to Notre Dame where my husband and I went many years ago.  My husband took him yesterday.  I am at home with the other four kiddos buying school supplies for them.  I got all of theirs for $136 at Target, Josh’s books alone will cost in the $700 range.  Wow, I think I am going into the college text book business.